Digital Signature Capture - FAQs

SuperSignature frequently asked questions. Howtos on capturing digital signatures online from web browsers across web and mobile.

  • All orders and trial requests are processed within 24 hours. Please add and in your address book to avoid spam landing.

  • SuperSignature is an online signature capture control and a digital signature capture solution available for (webforms, mvc, .net core, sharepoint), php, java, CF and HTML (Angular, React, VueJS etc.). You can easily capture digital signatures on your websites and start accepting signatures from your website users and customers online without having to install any kind of software on their computers. The generated digital signatures can be saved on server as image files or stored in database. They can also be embedded within PDF files.

  • SuperSignature provides very intuitive and modern (HTML5 Canvas) user interface for signing digitally online. It captures signature data using state-of-art algorithms and sends data to the server where this information is converted to signature image. All of this is done on-the-fly as soon as the user is done with signing. You can later on process this information as per your business logic.

  • There are no requirements on client's side except that the browser should support required JavaScripts. The server requirements depend on the version purchased.

    • ASP.NET: IIS, .NET framework 2.0 or above
    • JSP: Java, Tomcat Server
    • PHP: PHP 4.0 or above, Apache (Linux) or IIS
    • Cold Fusion: CF, IIS or Apache

  • Well this is up to you! It can be used on pages that require customer's signature as part of some confirmation. It can also be used in invoicing, e-Commerce delivery, CRM applications that may store signatures of customers. You should consult your local legal authorities if you want to know if such online signatures are considered by law.

  • There are none, nor do we plan to do that. Our goal is to provide simple API to capture signatures only.

  • No, all code files will reside on your server. They will never communicate or use any files from our servers.

  • Yes it does.

  • Yes, please refer demos. Still if you need more details on PDF, please email.

  • We suggest "Huion" Drawing Tablet. Or any similar hardware can be used for signing.

    • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 & S3 (Also mini)
    • Samsung Slate
    • iPhone, iPad, iPad Air & iPad Mini
    • Asus TF300 Tablet
    • Lenovo Twist
    • HP Tablet
    • HP Elite Pad
    • Nokia Lumia 620, 920
    • Samsung Smart PC ATIV 500
    • Windows 8.1 Surface Pro 3
    • Kindle Fire HD
    • And many more...

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