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Frequently Asked Questions

Issue with latest chrome & touch

Go to chrome://flags and change the “Enable Touch Events” setting from “Automatic” to “Enable“. More details on this blog (see Longer tutorial)

What is SuperSignature?

SuperSignature is an online signature capture control available for, php, java, CF and HTML. You can easily use it on your websites and start capturing signatures from your website users and customers online without having to install any kind of software on their computers. The generated signatures can be saved on server as image files or stored in database. They can also be embedded within PDF files too.

How does SuperSignature work?

SuperSignature provides very intuitive user interface for signing online. It captures signature data using state-of-art algorithms and sends data to the server where this information is converted to signature image. All of this is done on-the-fly as soon as the user is done with signing. You can later on process this information as per your business logic.

What are the system requirements to run SuperSignature?

There are no requirements on client's side except that the browser should support required JavaScripts. The server requirements depend on the version purchased.

  • ASP.NET: IIS, .NET framework 2.0 or above.
  • JSP: Java, Tomcat Server
  • PHP: PHP 4.0 or above, Apache (Linux) or IIS
  • Cold Fusion: CF, IIS or Apache

What is the cost of SuperSignature?

Please visit the pricing page

Can I upgrade my edition?

Yes you can upgrade your edition anytime and pay for the additional fees.

Who should use SuperSignature?

Well this is up to you. However it can be used on pages that require customer's signature as part of some confirmation. It can also be used in CRM applications that may store signatures of customers. You should consult your local legal authorities if you want to know if such online signatures are considered by law.

Compliance of SuperSignature with laws, legal bindings etc..?

There are none, nor do we plan to do that. Our goal is to provide simple API to capture signatures only.

Does it work on the new windows tablet?

Yes Windows 8, IE 10 & IE 11, Surface RT. If you are facing any issues then please have this doctype <!DOCTYPE html> and put this below ending </title> tag <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge" />

Does it work on windows mobile 6.5?

Please tap and hold on the screen. You will then see a clockwise circle of dots appear - when the circle is complete a window opens up with the option called "make selection" or "select all" or "undo". use "make selection".

I am not able to make it work on Android (Samsung Galaxy Tab)

Kindly make sure the Android browser setting is not in desktop mode. It should be mobile mode. Enter "about:debug" in the address bar in the browser, without the quotes. Go into the options menu. Go into "Settings". Go into the "Debug" menu on the left menu. Touch "UASTRING". Select "Android" over the "Desktop".

I am not able to make it work on HP Touchpad

Please refer: Html Meta

Does it work with BlackBerry PlayBook?


Does it work with Kindle?

Yes, tested with Kindle Fire HD

I am not able to test trial versions from mobile device

The trial license is limited to localhost, so please test the online demo link mentioned in the email you received from us.

I get generic error in GDI+?

Kindly make sure there is WRITE access for the image.

I get a black background signature image, when saving to DB

Please set property SignTransparent="false" and save the signature bitmap to JPG format image first (not PNG). Finally save this JPEG to DB.

I get error: Could not load file or assembly 'SuperSignature' while compiling

Go to the bin folder or where the DLL is (in windows explorer) then right click, open properties window and click the unblock button.

I get Microsoft JScript runtime/script error, $/jQuery not defined/not a function

Please set property of control, IncludeJquery="false". You already seem to have jQuery reference on your page.

Not working on Surface IE Edge with Touch

For touch API, you have to activate a flag on Edge : in the address bar, enter about:flags and press enter. In the section Touch, you can enable touch events with the corresponding dropdown
Please refer:

The trial version shows watermarks on generated image

Yes, that goes away in purchased version.

Does the PHP version save to DB / Disk?

Yes all versions can easily save to database or physical file. You get the image object in general which needs to be converted to bytes and then saved to DB.

Does it work on Windows Phone 8?

Yes, it does. However you are requested to check the demo page first.

Does it work with classic ASP?

Classic asp is not natively supported, however you can use an iframe pointing to page, which has signature control on it.

Can it sign a PDF?

Yes, please refer demos. Still if you need more details on PDF, please email.

Do I have to use your Webservice for PHP/CF/Java?

No, all code files will reside on your server. They will never communicate or use any files from our servers.

I get 'NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.' error

Make sure the <head> tag has runat="sever" added to it.

Can I have multiple signatures captured on same page?

Yes easily!

Does it work with MVC?

Yes it does. Both with Razor and default view engine. Download sample solution from your dashboard.

Do you have .NET Core 2.0 supported?

Yes it does.

Does it work with Sharepoint?

Yes it does. Ask for sample!

My question is not answered!

Please contact us.

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