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SuperSignature Testimonials

Great product. Nothing else like it still!
Kelly, Developer, (Jan 2020).

Just wanted to thank you for creating and offering the control. Working perfectly with my VB.Net APP.
Brett Spengler,, (Dec 2018).

I am so glad I chose this product over all of the others that I have looked at.
Tony C. (CTO), (Apr 2018).

I played around with the trial for several days and I’m a big fan, I was tasked here to basically create one from scratch and I’m a decent programmer but why reinvent the wheel when someone else has a hovercraft right?
Ryan, (Feb 2018).

Hey guys, this is a great control, I love it! It has saved me tons of time.
Andrew Barnes,, (June 2017).

I've got your control working successfully on mobile and it's great! Thanks for your hard work on this control.
David Schlum,, (Jan 2017).

You're a star.
Geoff, Senior Systems Designer - Seven Seas Worldwide, (Sep 2016).

great tool!
Brian, bcoleOnline, (Sep 2016).

We needed a solution for e-signing for our Wordpress document manager platform without creating it from the ground up. After a bunch of research we found there was mostly api services with monthly fees, until we ended up stumbling upon super signature and the implementation was simple and there was plenty of code samples to get us started! Highly recommended if you need to e-signing functionality.
Smarty Pants WordPress Plugins, (Aug 2016).

I found it easy to work with and it accommodates a wide swath of features at a price that makes sense. So many other products in this space are priced such that they don’t make economic sense to deploy in smaller projects. Yours is perfect all around!
Delvin Kosik, Internet Concepts Ltd. (Apr 2016).

It's good to know that you have a good customer service.
Sergi Gonzalez (Mar 2016).

Supersignature is a fantastic product, our customers are very satisfied. Used on many kind of devices. Thank you very much.
Fabio Pagano, Project Manager A.P.System (Jan 2016).

It works like a charm for mvc.
Graham Corrington, paridymeweb (Nov 2015).

We are very pleased to work with you. Thank you for your help and you “super” component.
Roxane Replumaz Developer, ACCESS Group (Sep 2015).

The App worked out great. The customer loved it; thanks again!
Matt Harris, freelance developer, United States (May 2015).

My client is very happy with the signature capture solution and your code is key to it.
Phil Raffel, (Apr 2015).

Thank you very much. I can save and display the images via ColdFusion – your code was very elegant.
John Van Horn, (Mar 2015).

This is a very nice product and I am glad I found it on the web.
Tim, TechnoBiz (Feb 2015).

Cool, works with finger and stylus!
Dave, FSMB (Dec 2014).

I'am very happy that you could help me, thanks again for your excellent support!
Jeroen, (Mar 2014).

Very happy with this control.
Jim Ray, Fastport (Nov 2013).

Thanks for all your help and patience today. Works great on ipad!
Dr Barry Clark, ific (Oct 2013).

Thank you for creating Super Signature! I love it and am finding many many ways to utilize it.
Brian Polackoff, EMS Toolkit (Sep 2013).

Thanks so much for help. Your customer support alone is worth the money.
Michael Wood, Missouri Farm Bureau (July 2013).

Our testing has gone very well, just wanted to say THANK YOU very much for developing this!
Corey Milliord, IT Manager, Pariox (May 2013).

Thx. For the EXCELLENT and fast support :)
Jan Tovgaard, (Apr 2013).

Thank you very much for your help and quick response.
Shervin, Instanet Solutions (Apr 2013).

Appreciated the help and patience!!!
Thomas Wolfe, airongroup (Mar 2013).

You are the man!!! Awesome...Thanx for the great support bud. Have a great weekend.
Gerhard McDonald, effectivenesscompany (Feb 2013).

So far we are loving the control, everything is working perfectly. Thanks for all your help.
Mike Sorel, codeworthy (November 2012).

Hi, I must say that you super signature tool is very good. I bought it and it works ok.
Mitchell van Honk , wswebs (November 2012).

If you wish, I will agree to be a reference for you! Of course we are not famous like the NASA but who knows, one day, people might talk about us :).
Jean-Christophe Godinaud, CEO, Meninx AG (November 2012).

I would like you send a few bucks your way so you can have a beer on us.
Alex Cancado (August 2012).

That worked perfectly!
Chris Behnken, VP, CTO, Element 74 LLC (September 2012).

fantastic piece of code great work guys..
Nelo, Webmagix (August 2012).

This dll works fine for the things we were trying to do. Thanks for your help. Appreciate very much.
Ravi Satya, Alabama.Gov (July 2012).

Thanks for the quick response. I was able to get it working just fine on the iOS 4.2.1
David Danforth, (July 2012).

We just purchased your tool today and so far it's been pretty nice.
Joe Raycroft, (June 2012).

Thank you so much for your help. James and I appreciate your assistance.
Kathy (Mar 2012).

I must say I am impressed with your product! It’s a rock solid product that is going to fit my needs almost perfectly!
Travis, (Mar 2012).

I hope you are well. We just wanted to say that we are happy with your product, it’s working very well with our program.
Lorena Azagra, (Feb 2012).

I am very glad using your product…It’s fine your support...
Chedli Cerinet, (Feb 2012).

You have a good product. Wish I had it 5 days ago.
Michael Sherman (Jan 2012).

Again thanks for the control. It's a great product, and will help our business flows greatly.
Stephen Butler, (Dec 2011).

LOVE the product :)
John Van Oeveren, IT and Software Pty Ltd. (Dec 2011).

From my initial testing the signature capture component seems to work very nicely on the Android and iPad devices.
Richard Schoen, RJS Software Systems Inc. (Nov 2011).

Customers are loving the signature capture on the Ipad. A lady looking for this feature called me by surprise and asked about how it was working for me. I gave her a good review.
David Downie, (Nov 2011, 2nd Feedback).

Our client loved your demos and thinks it will fit their needs perfectly. Nice work on a very useful product.
Isaac Sullivan, (Sep 2011).

That's what we want, and it works on the Ipad so all is good!
Steve Hughey, (Aug 2011).

Thanks again for all of your help. You have a really nice control here and I will be purchasing it soon for my own business as well.
Brian Becker, I.T. Project Leader, STI (June 2011).

Thank you very much for the good cooperation!
Arne Brandes, (May 2011).

I have shown it to my bosses and they are really happy about it!
David Downie, (Apr 2011).

Thanks for all the quick responses. You have been more than helpful.
Graham Budd, (Apr 2011).

It works PERFECTLY! Great product and my boss seems to be happy :)
Jan Tovgaard (Feb 2011).

The team at Supersignature have created a product that works beautifully and the support is fast and courteous.
John Cumming (Feb 2011).

Your signature control is by far the most compatible of all them! Great work!
Wes Ulmer, (Jan 2011).

I need to upgrade to enterprise. My customer really liked the solution :)
Torgrim Sagplass, (Jan 2011).

Thanks for the prompt help. Great support.
Amrish Shah,

Thank you very much for your help. Your component is very nice. It works very properly on iPad.
Ghislain Messe,

Just to let you know - it works great, I tested in Android 4 with Chrome and iPad 2, iPhones, and iPod's. It has helped our project immensely.
Michael Winn, Secured Signing.

Works great on itouch! Thanks very much for your help. Great product!
Jim Maguire, Professional Windows Programmer, Prestige Solutions, Inc.

The control is working well.
Paul McMurray, Systems Development Programmer, Tesseract UK.

I really like this program so far, Good Job!
Vasu Yerra,

A great way to integrate online signing in your ASP.NET website.
Mary White, CEO, KSA consulting.

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  • Asus TF300 Tablet
  • Lenovo Twist
  • HP Tablet
  • HP Elite Pad
  • Nokia Lumia 620, 920
  • Samsung Smart PC ATIV 500
  • Windows 8.1 Surface Pro 3
  • Kindle Fire HD

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