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SuperSignature Versions

SuperSignature is available in mainly 3 editions:
  • The Trial edition is perfect for individuals or those who wish to evaluate the software before purchase.
  • The Professional edition, is full featured but works on a single domain with life time product upgrades and email support.
  • The Enterprise edition, has no restrictions and comes with life time product upgrades and email support.
    You can also distribute within your application (license file required) with no royalty fees.
  • Apart from this we also provide Distribution (license file free version) and full Source Code version.
    Contact us for pricing.

Features    Trial      Professional Enterprise
Domains allowed localhost single unlimited
Full features 
* Each technology ( / PHP / CF / Java) version is exclusive and purchased as a separate product and is not bundled.
** There is no trial & professional version available for php/java/cf

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